A letter to Travel

Dear travel. I sometimes wish that I could see you in the flesh, to tell you face to face all that you have meant to me since the very first day that we met. I would thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me, the one who has stood by my side for the better of my… Read more →

Colombia – The people behind armed conflict Part V: Patterns of Displacement

Hi all! Last week looked at the challenges of life as an IDP. Although the conflict has affected nearly all parts of Colombia, some areas are more vulnerable to the violence. Part V will look at how the internal displacement plays out around the country.  Incidents of forced displacement in Colombia have varied, but were particularly high during the last years… Read more →

Colombia – The people behind armed conflict Part IIII: Challenges in the life of an IDP

Hello! The crimes discussed in last week’s entry are not exclusive in the war tactics practised by the armed groups, but shows the severity of the conflict and the devastating impact it has on communities around Colombia. For millions, the terrorising methods imposed on them have been so severe that they have been left no other option but to flee… Read more →

Colombia – The people behind armed conflict Part III: The Internally Displaced People, a result of armed conflict

Hi all! Last week’s entry was dedicated to understanding the main participants of the conflict. The battle for supremacy and the wish to annihilate the opposite groups have put civilians in the crossfire. They are victims that play an important role in the armed groups war tactics. Part III of this paper will look at some of the main ways in which the Colombian population… Read more →

Vetvika – Hidden beach paradise

You know, sometimes you just gotta realise that the idea you had, which seemed so foolproof, was in fact just an idea made by a fool. The story about my hike to Vetvika is a tale about a girl who was forced to push herself to what felt like the verge of her physical and mental abilities. Yes, very dramatic.… Read more →

Colombia – The people behind armed conflict Part II: The main participants of the conflict

Hi all! Last week I published the first part of my paper on the internally displaced in Colombia. The previous entry was all about understanding how Colombia reached a breaking point when centuries of disputes and violence between the oligarchy and their parties was no longer tolerable. The social and political injustice that Colombians had suffered resulted in the rise of guerrilla… Read more →

Colombia – the people behind armed conflict – Part I: A History of violence and conflict

Hi there! If your read my entry last Friday, ‘Colombia – deep wounds and enormous smiles‘ you’ll know what this will be about. For those who haven’t; here starts my paper on the internally displaced in Colombia and how their situation got to be one of our greatest humanitarian crises. Colombia is one of Latin America’s most misunderstood nations. Little… Read more →