Month: May 2015

Hike Picturesque Cinque Terre in Italy

Few places in the world can compare to the appeal of small village romanticism as Cinque Terre. In Italian the ‘Five Lands’ are actually five ancient, small fishing villages situated on the rugged coast of the Liguria Region north in Italy. Hauling themselves along the mountainous  Mediterranean seaside, the Cinque Terre is a spectacular place for enjoying a walk in… Read more →

Hike Pulpit Rock in Norway

I could tell you thousands of reasons why you should visit Norway and I’m beginning right here at the foot of Pulpit Rock in the western county of Rogaland. The name, known in norwegian as ‘Preikestolen’ is derived from the shape of the rock itself. 604 meters above the spectacular Lysefjorden hangs a 25 by 25 meter square cliff plunging… Read more →