Month: July 2015

Semuc Champey – Secluded Paradise

Guatemala looks like a small country on a map and  I am still under that illusion, but when I decided to visit Semuc Champey on a day trip from Cobán in the Alta Verapaz region, I realised that the size of a country shouldn’t be measured in, but in road and vehicle conditions. And then google maps tells me that… Read more →

Picture Køge

It’s difficult being in the shadow of someone bigger and louder, cause it’s easy to be forgotten when you keep your distance, a little in the background, quiet and peaceful. But sometimes less is more and smaller is better. 39 kilometers south-west of the Danish capital lies the picturesque city of Køge. Well connected to Copenhagen with two rail lines,… Read more →

7 Reasons to fall in love with Brugge

In 1892 George Rodenbach wrote a short novel about a city that was rapidly wasting away after its flourishing Golden Era. Bruges La Morte or Bruges the dead, was such a correct reflection of the city’s decline that it was even adopted into an opera, ‘Die tote Stadt’ – The Dead City. Bruges had been one of Europes’ most important… Read more →