A Letter to A Neanderthal Man

Dear Neanderthal.

Or should I say, you hopelessly stupid and annoying ignorant piece of imbecilic arse of a man that walks around the street thinking that I, in some far fetched bullshit universe would be even remotely interested in you ogling me as I walk down the street sweaty, smelly and pissed off at your retarded, backwards sense of complementing a woman with a different skin colour. Long have I held my breath trying to ignore you as I live a life where there is no god damned peace from your iteration day in and day out.

I have had it with you staring at me, your eyes popping out of your empty skull, like I was some kind of candy bar you could shove in your mouth. Do you actually not realise how beyond offensive it is to let your eyes wander up and down my body like you are undressing me? You must be thick as dirt. 

I have had it with you idiots making the most infuriating kissing sounds as you so hilariously ‘duck face’ me in the process making me wanna slap you into a comatose so that you would just shut the f*** up. In the name of the Barbie Doll, why would you ever think that this is appropriate behavior? I am not a freakin dog for you to call at as if I would wag my tail and come skipping over to your side with this undying puppy love that you so seemingly are desperate for.

I have had it with you whistling at me and have the nerve to call me anything other than my name. And you do not know my name, nor will you ever do. Because that would mean that we would’ve actually had a conversation like normal human beings in a civilised world where respect for the individual is not lost in your obsession with marking your macho image by making a woman uncomfortable walking home from the shop with your pathetic remarks, noises and god ugly face.

What is it with western women that make it impossible for you halfwits to hold your tongue and act normal as if it was the 21st century? Cause if it’s the beauty that you so miserably desire, then no doubt have I seen women from your side of the track with more beauty than most. So let me make this clear to you, because you have obviously misunderstood some basic guidelines on how to behave in public.

There will never be a universe where staring, shouting and harassing women will be appropriate for you dickheads to spend your days doing. Nor will there ever be a place in history where women open-armed welcomes your vulgar, disastrous communications skills with the opposite sex. All you do is make me pray for that day when it again will be time for the Neanderthal to kick the bucket and leave this earth the hell alone. There is a reason why you died out in the first place. An attitude so old I can smell the mold coming off it. Or maybe it never did disappear. Whatever the reason for your repulsive behaviour know that you disgust me to the point of boiling anger. May your pea brains soon realise the stupidity of your actions and relieve you from your state as utter wankers. In other words;  get a life, you annoying piece of dick on two sticks.

  2 comments for “A Letter to A Neanderthal Man

  1. Arve Kulsrud
    February 4, 2015 at 9:21 am

    This was quite some words to describe the neanderthal men. They might read your blog??? Take care, dad

    • Helle
      February 4, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      If they do, then maybe they will take the hit! 😉

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