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A letter to Travel

Dear travel. I sometimes wish that I could see you in the flesh, to tell you face to face all that you have meant to me since the very first day that we met. I would thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me, the one who has stood by my side for the better of my… Read more →

A Letter to terrorism

To whomever believes in the destruction of humanity. You have awaken in me a sense of religion. Cause how can I believe in Hell if I don’t believe in the Heavens? How can I come to terms with the insanity of your actions as a deed done on earth? Surly we have reached the Inferno, is such human infliction possible… Read more →

A Letter to A Neanderthal Man

Dear Neanderthal. Or should I say, you hopelessly stupid and annoying ignorant piece of imbecilic arse of a man that walks around the street thinking that I, in some far fetched bullshit universe would be even remotely interested in you ogling me as I walk down the street sweaty, smelly and pissed off at your retarded, backwards sense of complementing… Read more →

A Letter to A Mosquito

Dear Mosquito. Or should I say hated Mosquito, because I really do detest you from the bottom of my heart, the only place you haven’t infested with your god awful blood sucking trunk. I didn’t believe in violence before I met you, but you have awoken in me a spark of what I can only explain as a lust for… Read more →