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The Quetzaltrekkers Experience

My Quetzaltrekkers Experience started all the way back in April when I began my search for volunteer work in Latin America. I never had any intentions of ending up in Nicaragua, but as my search went on I became more open to whatever lied ahead. Then I found Quetzaltrekkers website tempting me with hiking through beautiful landscape in the quest… Read more →

Picture Little Corn Island

What is your definition of paradise? If it is white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees swaying in the wind then look no further cause I have been there. A caribbean diamond called Little Corn Island in Nicaragua. I spent Christmas here during my holiday away from León and the Quetzal Office. There’s little I can tell you about… Read more →

Halloween on the Beach

It’s November. 16th of November to be exact. Yesterday I had been away from home for 8 weeks and how that happened I have no clue. But at the same time as two months seems impossible, it feels like its been an eternity since I left Norwegian soil. Guess that’s what happens when you travel. Time somehow gets real blurry… Read more →