Café break in Ljubljana


Mesarski Bridge

Oh that Pelias was mad for power. He wanted to rule over all of Thessaly and overthrew his the King and half brother Aeson in a spiteful feud. Thereafter he murdered all of Aeson’s descendants except Jason, Aeson’s infant son who survived and was rushed away from Iolcos to escape the wrath of his uncle. Years later, Jason the hero returned to Iolcos to challenge Pelias as the rightful heir to the throne, but Pelias would not succumb to Jason’s demand. Instead he made a deal with Jason, that if he was able to return to Iolcos with the Golden Fleece, the throne would be his. Jason was no scaredy-cat and left on a quest with the Argonauts from Greece over the Black Sea to Colchis in Georgia where Aeetes was King and holder of the Golden Fleece. With help from the enchantress Medea, Jason was able to successfully complete the 3 tasks that the King demanded of him before giving him what he came for. But Medea’s father was angered when his daughter who wanted to return to Iolcos with Jason. They fled Colchis, crossing yet again the Black Sea before they made their way up the Danube river, on to Sava and eventually down Ljubljanica to the source of the river where they dismantled their ship to carry towards the Adriatic sea. But at the Ljubljana Marches, Jason faced another challenge, the Marches was the home to a terrible monster. But the hero Jason could not be stopped. He fought the creature and won.


Downtown Ljubljana at night

At this point I loved Jason, because it is his victory over the monster that, according to legend, was the founding moment of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. And who would’ve thought that this little city of 280.000 people would be such a gem! Ljubljana is without a doubt the throbbing heart of Slovenia and the two days I got to spend there confirmed this with an amazing food festival, photo exhibitions, museums and virtually everything you would expect from a capital, just on a smaller scale. And with so much to do you better watch out so you don’t get dehydrated, or worse yet, hangry. Is there anything worse? No, there ain’t. So here are some of my favourite places to fuel up before dashing back out to explore Ljubljana.




tozdIII_78 tozdII_236















I love places that draw your attention because of all the love and details put into its appearance. Tozd is such a place. I came across this bar by chance, but it is likely you will too as it lies on the café-crowded street that follows Ljubljanica through the city centre. Sure, you can sit by the waters edge, but I’d say Tozd is a place to enjoy on rainy days, when the colourful, artsy design draws you in for great coffee and Slovenian craft beer…


Nebotičnik – Sky Bar


If you are looking for the sky bar in Ljubljana you are looking for the Nebotičnik and sky bar is of course synonymous with panorama views. When the Nebotičnik building opened in 1933 it was the tallest building in Yugoslavia although only thirteen floors high at 70,35 meters. However, the views are undeniable and is definitely worth sipping a cappuccino to…



lolitaIII_236 lolita_48















Lolita is just so pretty! The interior design of this place is worth a visit alone and then on top of that you got cakes and desserts to match it. And most importantly; their award winning homemade ice cream…



is ljub

Holy moly! Vigo was easily one of the best ice creams I had on my trip to the Balkans and it almost took the trophy home, but was beaten on the finish line when I met the new love of my life at Gelateria Pomo d’Oro in Budapest hours before I returned home from my holidays. Vigo was straight up amazing, not only for the delicious tasting gelato, but the interesting flavour combinations they had put together that worked sooooo well. If you are in the mood for a different ice cream experience, then try this place!


Le Petit Café

letpetitII_96 lepetitcafe_93














Le Petit Café is situated away from the busiest area of Ljubljana, but is a real favourite for the locals and therefore always a very lively place. The café has a beautiful wooden architecture that give a cosy atmosphere and lots of details to explore while waiting for a rich, delicious coffee…


Falafel Ljubljana


I’m in love with falafels and so every time I’m in a new place I try and hunt down somewhere I can enjoy these delicious little chickpea balls. This place is simply called Falafel and if you haven’t ever tried it before you could do it here in Ljubljana, it is amazing!

All in all, Ljubljana has many great places to quench your thirst and eat well and what is awesome about Slovenia’s capital is the fact that the small size of it invites you to use a whole day exploring the culinary scene because all the vital sightseeing was ticked off yesterday… Cheers!

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