The Bucket List

Every traveller has an ultimate bucketlist and whichever experience actually makes it on to the list, you can be sure are the ones we really yearn for, because if not, the list would go on forever and ever… That explains why I never truly made out a list for myself; I’ve always wanted to see it all. But let’s be honest some adventures just seem more finger licking good than others…

12. Eat sushi in Japan

You know how they say ‘men are from mars, women are from venus’? Well, thats kinda how I feel about Japan and the rest of the world. For a long time I have wanted to explore this country that I’ve always phrased ‘a planet of its own’. Japan intrigues me so much from culture and traditions, to nature and the big metropolises. After I have validated my preconceptions I will happily sit back and enjoy spectacular sushi, the miracle of food, in its home country.


Photot: Mrmcdonnell, Wikipedia

11. Cycling through the Italian countryside

I just love Italy. There’s something, or should I say everything, about this country that had mesmerized me from the second I saw it. Its romance from top to toe. Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous… On my next Italian adventure I will get on a bike and explore. Rolling down hills, through olive fields and smelling the lavender, with the wind in my hair and the sun on my back through the most picturesque countryside I can imagine.



10. Explore South Africa

I have a fasination for South Africa. Whether it is the stunning Drakensberg, Krüger NP or Blyde river canyon. To go on yet another safari is always on my bucket list. To take my time and drive the garden route from east to west ending up and exploring Cape Town. Cycling, hiking, smelling and tasting everything this country has to offer.



9. Visit the Galápagos Islands

Few places in the world are as renowned for its wildlife as the Galápagos Islands. The ecuadorian archipelago out there in the Pacific is tempting me with incredible nature and animals combined to make this a dream destination for anyone who has a love for the outdoors.



8. Roadtrippin’ through Europe

In my earlier travel obsessed years I never considered Europe as a destination worth much of my time, maybe because it was always there, right on my doorstep. Because of that I have never truly travelled my own continent and it is a bloody shame I have figured and mockery towards what I now consider the most beautiful continent of them all. I adore Europe. It has so many incredible places to offer that it makes my head spin. I’ve realised, that to me, nowhere else in the world can you combine all the goods of traveling as well as in Europe. I am literally aching to go back, I am going Europe crazy. It is my dream to one day set off from home and go to all those places that my heart desires on an epic roadtrip.



7. See a tiger in the wild

Alwyas and forever has this majestic cat been my favourite and I got close to one (I think) when I went on a safari in India some years ago. But luck was not on my side that time and all I left with was a picture of a footprint in the sand. They are truly beautiful animals and it would be an amazing experience to see a tiger in the wild, but that chance is getting smaller by the minute. I just wish it wasn’t so god damn hard to realise that they are worth so much more alive than dead.



6. Explore Canadian wilderness

I used to be that girl who would thrive on spending her holidays on a beach somewhere for two weeks, soaking up the sun and be as lazy as humanly possible. I’ve come to realise there’s more to holidays than beaches and that more often than not I need adventure to make my time worthwhile. These days, I get more or less gobsmacked every time I see a picture of Canadian nature and read stories about people who venture through some of the most beautiful national parks I have seen. I want to explore the wilderness.


Photo: Caleb Foster, Shutterstock

5. Hike the Inca Trail

This one has been a dream forever. I think when that day comes when I am actually standing there looking down at Machu Picchu, which I have seen a millions times over in photos, I will have to pinch myself to realise that this is actually happening.


Picture: machupicchu-tours –

4. Find paradise in Bora Bora

Well, there’s beach holiday and then there’s Bora Bora. Of all those tropical islands this is ‘the one’. If that honeymoon ever comes along, I know where I’m going.



3. Discover Norway

I am so happy to be Norwegian. For many reasons, but mostly because I have views like this to brag about. I love Norway, we have a nature that few can compare itself to and I have made it my mission to explore as much as possible of my own backyard. It is arguably the most stunningly beautiful one there is.


Photo: Till Hanten,

2. Visit Rio De Janiro

If there’s one city in the world that I could stare at forever it is Rio De Janeiro. Must be the most perfectly situated city in the world. Absolutely gorgeous.


“Christ on Corcovado mountain” by Artyominc, wikipedia

1. Trekking in the majestic Patagonia

One day I will travel to Patagonia. I will be in awe of what I see and be humble for the opportunity of living and breathing on this earth. I think this is what dreams are made of.


Photo by Steve Bennett, wikipedia



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