Halloween on the Beach

It’s November. 16th of November to be exact. Yesterday I had been away from home for 8 weeks and how that happened I have no clue. But at the same time as two months seems impossible, it feels like its been an eternity since I left Norwegian soil. Guess that’s what happens when you travel. Time somehow gets real blurry and when you try to put things into order you realise that you in fact have done so much that maybe the time away isn’t so surprising after all. It’s just that you have had so much fun that the things you have done seem like one big massive fiesta. No party lasts forever does it?




Speaking of parties. We finished off October here at Quetzaltrekkers with a massive beach Halloween party that didn’t see the end until the first sunrise of November. I was being a bit devilish accompanying my red dress with horns and a tail that I made out of a kids costume of butterfly that I found at the local marked. A pair of scissors, a glue gun and some pliers later, I was ready to let my inner devil shine from the inside out. How about that. It’s funny how inventive you get when you got no choice.


To sum up, it was people dressing up, drinking mojitos while eating cake, dancing to latino rhythms and playing drinking games, finishing off with a bonfire on the beach and tents in the garden under a perfect starry night that eventually had volunteers sprinkled from the edge of the Pacific all the way up through to the entrance of our beach house party location where I woke up after 15 minutes sleep to find an absurd crime scene where someone had drugged all my friends and eventually killed the Easter Bunny right out on our front porch with the only witnesses being an extremely ugly german woman so drunk that she needed help from a bee and a zombie princess to get her clothes on. It was nothing short of amazing.





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