Roatán – The Perfect Island Getaway

Out there, not far from the coast lies the second largest coral reef in the world waiting for you to explore its underwater wonders with sharks, turtles and beautiful rainbow coloured fish. The tropical waters are something out of a postcard, mesmerizingly turquoise and clear. Welcome to Roatán.

West End Docks



frenchys44Closer to shore, you find a group of friendly dolphins that are as happy to play with you as you are with them. Time has come to dry your feet, but the inner child in you is still not quite ready to let go. At Gumba Limba you find other friends to play with as you explore the wildlife of Central America and come across some cheeky, but cute, surprisingly good smelling, White Faced Capuchin monkeys. They make you wish monkeys were as normal a pet as dogs and cats.

gumbalimba meandmymoneky gumbalimba

The sun is rising higher, hanging over you and provokes pearls of sweat to gather on your forehead. It feels like a swim is due. In West End you find a tiny bay of clear water outright irresistible and as it engulfs you, the relief from the heat washes over you. After cooling down you step out of the water thinking it would be wrong not to follow up such a refreshing swim with an ice cream at Deliciosa, where you can relax in their hammocks and fall asleep to the gentle swinging of the sea breeze. Late afternoon is drawing closer and it’s time to grab a cold beer from the shop and get settled in on the jetty to enjoy the last warmth from the sun as it so beautifully disappears into the caribbean sea. What happens next is still unknown, but you have every opportunity to do make as much, or a little as you want out of the nightlife here.

sunsetwestendThe next day you wake up energized from the sound of the waves and the birds singing. It’s time to bring out your adventurous side. You head over to South Shore Zip-line where you on eleven different lines, swing yourself through the jungle, feeling a bit like the monkeys you befriended earlier. With your adrenaline pumped up you head back to West End and get yourself a scooter sorted. Down bumpy roads and the wind in your hair, you are ready to explore the island. In Coxen Hole, the heart of Roatán, you find giant cruise ships at the docks, taking a break from sailing through the caribbean waters. The open road is before you and as you head towards Paia Bay and the Northern beaches you are surrounded by stunning views of the nature and that gorgeous coastline draped in glowing blue colours. After hours of cruising the island it is time for something to eat. In French Harbour you find the Pristine Bay Sky Lounge where you have a better dinner whilst enjoying views of the ocean. Life on this island is never dull.

scooterroatan viewofraotan

However, sometimes the only thing you want to do is nothing at what better place to relax than on a private island? At Little French Key, just a couple of hundred meters from the mainland you find beach paradise reviled in blues and greens. As the number one activity on Roatán, you won’t be alone, but when you get here you will understand why. Take some time relaxing in one of the many hammocks or stretch out on a sun lounger to work on your tan. Explore the underwater world on a snorkel trip to the reef or from above, kayaking through the waters around the little island. At the bar you order a cocktail or two, after all your are on holiday right? If this wasn’t enough to keep you entertained on a lazy day, you can explore Little French Key’s own private zoo. Here, you can befriend more cute monkeys and get a closer look at some beautiful birds, like Parrots and Toucans. A zoo isn’t complete without a surprise or two and as your near the end of the path, before you is Lawrence, a giant male Lion that was rescued from a circus about a year ago. A little bit further on you get to say hi to two year old Simba, a beautiful Jaguar that was also rescued when he was a cub. A day at Little French Key is a day well spent.

littlefrenchkeyswimmingfrenchkey paradisefrenchkey paradisehelloroatan

Roatán has shown to be the perfect island getaway, with a wide range of activities to keep you busy if the lazy beach life gets the best of you. I spent a week here as part of my december holidays and if you wanted, you could get away without a single dull moment. However, as time came closer to leaving Roatán and Honduras I was happy to do so. Seven days away from Nicaragua turned out to be enough for both mind and money. Homesickness disappeared as we drove across the border and I could see the familiar sight of volcanos in the distance rising up from the green landscape. I was happy to be back.


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