Hike Besseggen

The colours of the water were mesmerising. Even more so, I thought, because the turquoise shades of Gjendevatnet were not on the shores of palm trees and golden sand, but surrounded by mountain peaks dressed in white. It looked as inviting as on any Caribbean beach, but the temperature… well I wasn’t so sure about that. I lowered myself down… Read more →

How to Travel Cheap in Norway

If you are reading this post, I take it you have considered a trip to Norway and then realised, holy cow it’s bloody expensive up north!  So let’s get that bit out of the way, cause no matter how you look at it, a trip to Norway will cost you a good few kroner more than most places you’ve been to.… Read more →

Café break in Ljubljana

Mesarski Bridge Oh that Pelias was mad for power. He wanted to rule over all of Thessaly and overthrew his the King and half brother Aeson in a spiteful feud. Thereafter he murdered all of Aeson’s descendants except Jason, Aeson’s infant son who survived and was rushed away from Iolcos to escape the wrath of his uncle. Years later, Jason… Read more →


I have adopted this habit of considering my home county as down right boring compared to other regions around Norway. It’s a bad habit… Sure, the fjords are spectacular, Oslo is cool and Lofoten is beyond words, but on days like today, when the summer sun makes the sea sparkle, the landscape is lush and green and those beautiful coloured houses… Read more →

Snapshot of Budapest

One of my favourite things to do when visiting a new city is taking my camera for a walk, strolling aimlessly for hours trying to capture what stands out and makes me interested. To me, Budapest was the prime example of my kind of city and it sailed up to be one of my favourite European capitals to date. My… Read more →

6 reasons why you will love Slovenia

There are few other nations on the continent that passes more unnoticed on the tourist radar than Slovenia. Like a drop in the ocean, this little nation lies nestled in central Europe, generally overlooked and in the shadow of its more famous neighbours, Italy, Croatia and Austria. However, few realise that it is exactly Slovenia’s position on the border to Italian… Read more →

Bananas That Kill

Bananas. Healthy. Tasty. Cheap. Who doesn’t love bananas? But tell me, does it really matter how amazing bananas are if they are killing, raping, sterilising, abusing, damaging and forcing humans to flee their homes? Are you in doubt? Well, give me a couple of minutes to explain it to you, then you can live with a conscious choice to ignore or make… Read more →

A Letter to terrorism

To whomever believes in the destruction of humanity. You have awaken in me a sense of religion. Cause how can I believe in Hell if I don’t believe in the Heavens? How can I come to terms with the insanity of your actions as a deed done on earth? Surly we have reached the Inferno, is such human infliction possible… Read more →